Photos of Ghosts.

photos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghosts

Hello Welcome to our Home page Photos of Ghosts, on this site we hope to meet new people and expand our knowledge of the paranormal in the process.

Hi my name is Amanda, I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a little girl, when I had several experiences that I could not explain, photos of ghosts have always fascinated me, morbid or not I love the unknown, I do as much research as I can usually on the internet but sometimes I get opportunities to investigate alleged haunted locations, and sometimes I look for serious paranormal investigators on the internet, following there investigations with interest.  My best friend Ann Marie has now joined me as like me she has always been interested in the paranormal, and has also had experiences that she can not explain, so we have joined forces to investigate this subject.

We do get a little fed up with those people who do prank videos on you-tube, and those who don’t take the subject seriously, there should be a a separate section on you-tube for prank videos called comedy ghosts or something, false photos of ghosts are also a problem since many people have photo shop which easily allows someone to manipulate a digital image, this is sad! Photos of ghosts have been around since the dawn of photography when it was less easy to manipulate.

Thankfully there are many paranormal groups still willing to investigate seriously and they are producing some quality results, although the 100% truth may never come to light its like a faith, going to church and believing in god takes a leap of faith, why is it so hard to believe in photos of ghosts or video evidence.

Its interesting to note that photos of ghosts don’t always appear in known haunted locations, I believe that spirits are all around us and you can capture them on camera, unintentionally when you least expect to do so, ( go through your photo albums now and study the pictures.) I will be surprised if you don’t find some anomaly that you cant explain, in the beginning photos of ghosts we were told were double exposed films, but did not resemble anybody in any of the pictures that accompanied them.

If you are also interested like myself in the paranormal and would like to try a technique I have used all you need is a digital camera with a flash, go to your local church yard, and start snapping away, I suggest that using a tripod take two pictures, one after the other, like a before and after shot, you can do this without a tripod if you have a steady hand, but it works, you may be surprised by the results you see, try it.

Its important to note that photos of ghosts you see online are not all are fake and not always ghosts its your own interpretation of what you see that counts, only you will ever know for sure about your own images, so don’t get to upset if people look at you in disbelief so many pranksters have spoiled what could be a serious subject, and there is little or no hope that science has any intention of investigating any paranormal event due to the dogma surrounding the church and the scientific community, sad really, cos I think that this phenomenon needs to be investigated more thoroughly.

photos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghosts

photos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghosts

We have an account of our story’s if you dare to read them, just kidding please choose this Scary ghost story. link to read what happened to us to make us avid paranormal investigators, these stories are true, and the accounts of are encounter are as clear to us today as when they first happened.

photos of ghostsphotos of ghostsphotos of ghosts

Hi, Above are three Images the first shows nothing the second has something by the right tomb stone, and the third i have tried to enhance it  and make it clearer to see, I hope my efforts have paid off.

photos of ghosts photos of ghosts photos of ghosts  photos of ghosts photos of ghosts photos of ghosts photos of ghosts




photos of ghosts














6 Responses to Photos of Ghosts.

  1. Robbie says:

    Your post, photos of ghosts, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

  2. Emma says:

    Awesome pics will pass your web page on to others I know who are intrested in this too.

  3. Liz says:

    great to see you have Willow on here x

  4. Patricia Galey says:

    I have a picture of an orb with a face and a hand,my daughter took a pic of herself and it showed up above her head.I am very interested in what you have to say? She calls it her “Guardian Hippie Angel” also the smoke alarm kept going off that night,the only time it ever did that.If interested let me know,I will email it to you.

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